Marijke van Seters is a singer and songwriter from The Netherlands. She was born in Schiedam at 18 september 1986. Her music style is a mix of pop, soul, folk with a jazzy touch.
Aged 17, she performed for the first time on a live music show in France. One year later, at 18, she discovered the guitar and learned herself to play. This is where the ball became rolling.
She played songs of her favourite artists (Katie Melua, Eva Cassidy), who inspired here to collect the courage and start writing herself.
Ever since she was 19 she has been writing songs and has been performing everywhere in the Netherlands.
In 2006 she attended the VSF competition in Vlaardingen and she won the press price.
A couple of years later, in 2008, she won the big talentshow ‘De talentenbeurs’, one of the prices was a studio session with other musicians.

Ever since this bright start she has continued performing.

Recently she has been on a minitour in New Zealand, Australia and Thailand in 2015. Performing both on stage, making wonderful music with other musicians, as well as on the streets, busking in Wellington, New Zealand.
She’s won the OMN competition in Noosa, Australia in 2015.

The main reason for Marijke to make music and sing is simply to make people happy. “To see that people feel touched by my voice and lyrics gives me energy and is an transcendent experience. To make people forget their worries and make them feel lifted even for a small moment in their life, is something I’m very grateful for I’m able to share.”

Marijke is a diverse experienced artist, solo and with band, and has played in many different occasions and places, such as restaurants, cafés, festivals, libraries, theaters, theatershows, busking sessions, radio and TV shows, jamsessions as well as marriage and funeral ceremonies.

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