Fijne optredens en fijne filmpjes!

Allemaal leuke dingen zijn er gaande!

Laatst heb ik met violist Thailo van Ree wat filmpjes gemaakt! Bekijk ze hier.

Daarnaast mag ik het voorprogramma van Gerson Main (finalist Beste Singer Songwriter 2015) verzorgen in Club Move te Barneveld, en wel op donderdag 27 augustus a.s. Hij schrijft niet alleen mooie nummers, maar ook nog eens hilarische anekdotes en mooie gedichten. Kijk maar op zijn website!

Nog meer leuke optredens in het verschiet trouwens! Waaronder een mooie avond bij de Acoustic Stage van Youri Lentjes (finalist Beste Singer Songwriter 2014). Heel fijn om erbij te mogen zijn, zal een mooie muzikale avond worden!

Voor meer optredens, klik hier!

New songs coming up!

I’ve been really inspired during my trip in Thailand and am happy to announce there will be new songs coming up!

I’ll record them as soon as I am home in The Netherlands! (mid June).
First I’ll record a raw version on my phone (long live technology), for which I still need to find a good app.

In the meantime I will arrive today on Koh Phangan again and am looking forward to making music again on this incredible island!

Stay tuned!


New photos coming!

Good news folks! I just came back from a photoshoot on the beach of the Koh Phangan island in Thailand. During one of my gigs I met this very skilled Russian photographer and he offered me to make some nice shots!
They will be online very soon 🙂

Unfortunately I have not been able to make the video session with Matheos, but other videos will be coming up soon.

Yesterday eve was wonderful, making music around the fire at the lovely restaurant Green Gallery.
Soon I’ll go to Cambodia to spread some more music and joy!

Music everywhere

I’m very excited to be involved in this lovely musicscene in Koh Phangan. Happy to be able to develop my skills as an artist and be inspired by so many other talents on this island.
Last couple of days I have felt very honored to be able to play with a great violist from Greece, Matheos Charalampous. We’ll make some videos today. As soon as I’ll find a laptop I’ll share the vids.
Next upcoming days I’ll be working together with another singer, Malina Jiwan Shakti, from Sweden. A lovely woman with a golden voice. We’ll be working on a set of songs together.
Looking forward to share the stage together!